Next Meetings Agenda

You are hereby summoned to the Parish Council Meeting to be held on, Monday 28 September 2020 at 6.30pm by remote attendance via Zoom video confrencing.  

To join this Zoom Meeting please go to:


Meeting ID: 847 8422 2536

Passcode: 281004

Please refer to the Ditchling Parish Council Virtual Meeting Policy which is available on the Parish Council website.


Public Participation There will be a period of 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of the meeting for the public to ask questions or make comments on items on the Agenda. Comments on items not appearing on the agenda can be made at the chairman’s discretion. Once the meeting is in session there will be no further public participation.

S Mamoany

Clerk to the Council


1. Declarations of Interest


2. Apologies for absence


3. To approve minutes of Parish Council meetings held on the 27 July 2020


4. Clerks Report


5. COVID-19 Update

5.1 To discuss any matters arising


6. Planning - for full details of planning applications listed below please go to or

6.1 SDNP/20/03478/LDE - Land West of The Drove Ditchling East Sussex - Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use - Continued use of the land as horsiculture/equine

6.2 SDNP/20/03733/TCA - 25 East End Lane Ditchling BN6 8SX -Proposal: T1 - Western Red Cedar - crown lift by 2.5-3.0 metres to achieve 5.5 metre clearance over the road , remove major deadwood and crown thin by 5%,lightly shape canopy growing towards neighbouring property by no more than 2.5 metres - to clear highway to statutory height and to clear neighbouring property.T2 - Mirabel Plum - reduce and reshape crown by 2.5-3.0 metres, crown lift by no more than 2 metres away from Laurel hedge and neighbouring garden, remove deadwood and crown thin by 10% - tree is leaning heavily - to clear hedge and neighbouring garden.

6.3 SDNP/20/03740/TCA - 58 East End Lane Ditchling BN6 8UR - rowan (T1) – fell

6.4 SDNP/20/03694/TCA - 2 The Twitten Ditchling BN6 8UJ - Oak tree - Cut back away from property DITCHLING PARISH COUNCIL Ditchling Village Hall 18 Lewes Road Ditchling East Sussex BN6 8TT Tel: 01273 844733 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: Parish Clerk: Sarah Mamoany Deputy Clerk: Derek Blackhall 2

6.5 SDNP/20/03284/FUL - Borrers Platt 4 Boddington's Lane Ditchling BN6 8SS - Construction of an open sided shelter with 'green' roof in Ditchling Village Orchard

6.6 SDNP/20/02939/HOUS - Park Barn Cottage Beacon Road Ditchling BN6 8XB - Single storey rear extension, and a 2 storey brick and flint lift enclosure

6.7 LW/20/0591 - Lone Oak Farm, Spatham Lane, Westmeston, BN6 8XL - Conversion of existing redundant agricultural building to residential use

6.8 Update on response from Lewes District Council in respect of SNDP/18/06288 - The Bull 2 High Street Ditchling Hassocks East Sussex BN6 8TA - Retention of Seating area

6.9 Any other applications received since publication of agenda


7. Parish Magazine update


8. Car Park update

8.1 Update on discharge of planning conditions and any associated costs

8.2 Update on funding progress for project

8.3 Review application for CIL funding to LDC


9. Recreation Ground & Burial Ground

9.1 To discuss football pitch commitments, maintenance and associated costs

9.2 Review of Recreation Ground hirers and charges

9.3 To discuss tree survey quotations

9.4 To discuss burial ground parking issues/signage and associated costs

9.5 To discuss request for advertising banner on Recreation Ground

9.6 To discuss request for purchase of burial plots for the specific purpose of interment of ashes


10. Finance

10.1 To receive the bank reconciliation

10.2 To approve schedule of payments for August/September 2020

10.3 To note internal transfer of funds

10.4 To approve the National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) new pay scales for 2020-21 to be implemented from 1 April 2020 for employees employed under the model contract.


11. Remembrance Sunday

11.1 To discuss arrangements and associated costs


12. Website/Email

12.1 To review options for new website and email hosting including associated costs


13. HGV Signage/Bollards

13.1 To consider the possible signage options put forward by ESCC Highways in relation to HGV’s

13.2 To discuss the issue with replacement bollards in the village


14. Beacon Parish Traffic Group

14.1 Update from Beacon Parish Traffic Group


15. Oldland Windmill Trust

15.1 To consider position of Ditchling representative Trustee to the Oldland Windmill Trust


16. Dame Vera Lynn

16.1 Update in relation to community event in celebration of the life of Dame Vera Lynn


17. Correspondence & Consultations

17.1 MSDC Site Allocations DPD Consultation

17.2 White Paper: Planning for the Future

17.3 Changes to the Current Planning System

17.4 Transparency and Competition – Data and Land Control


18. Written and verbal reports by representatives.

18.1 Village Hall Management Committee

18.2 Ditchling Village Association

18.3 Ditchling Pavilion Club

18.4 Lewes District Association of Local Councils


19. Future meeting dates and items for future agenda. Finance Committee Meeting – 12 October 2020 at 6pm Parish Council - Monday, 26 October 2020 at 6.30pm