New Village Car Park

Ditchling Parish Council have submitted a planning application to construct a 40 space car park at Middle Bollands field on the Keymer Road.

The South Downs National Park is considered the application under the reference:  SDNP/17/01358/FUL. The planning permission has been granted. 

Fly Nuisance 

A report from the the Environmental Health Officer, Steven Teale,  at Lewes District Council 

Environmental  Protection Act 1990, Section 79 - nuisance fly investigation

Thank you for contacting Environmental  Health to enquire how we have  responded to reports of an increased  number of Lesser Houseflies in the Ditchling area. I   would like to reassure you that we have been investigating the source of the flies. The information below has been included  in a letter that was sent yesterday to the residents who have contacted the District Council during the previous few weeks.

The Council is only able to take action when we are satisfied  by the evidence collected that nuisance insects have arisen as a result of a commercial process. These are the only powers we are given to control insects. To date we have found evidence that strongly suggests the flies are arising from the natural environment,  and that the weather and other environmental conditions have been favourable to the early life stages of these insects.

A number of residents have raised concerns that the flies have directly arisen from The Macs' Farm. The Macs' Farm has been visited  regularly during the past several weeks and a further visit is planned in the near future.  Fly numbers seen at the farm during these visits have often been lower than those reported from the residential areas· and lower than the numbers witnessed at our monitoring  locations around the village.  General numbers at the farm are also significantly lower than they were when Environmental  Health first intervened at the farm several years ago.Insect numbers are always episodic and react to things like the weather and environmental conditions - they evolved to quickly take advantage of suitable conditions long  before humans began  keeping livestock and they consequently continue to breed in the wider environment as well as at poultry farms.

Mr and Mrs  MacMillan have always taken the best practicable means of managing flies at the farm and their approach is consistent each year. They have always been cooperative and willing to find  practical ways of managing flies and we have every confidence in their commitment to this. They are maintaining the same fly-control  measures as they did during the previous three years when fly numbers were significantly lower.  In addition to this, fly numbers in  many parts of the Lewes District have been found in greater numbers than usual this year and often in  remote places not near to a poultry farm. This suggests that the origin of the flies is primarily environmental,  rather than specific to an individual commercial enterprise. The evidence during our recent enquiries does not support the claim that any nuisance cannot be attributed to the farm.

Many residents have asked how best to keep flies out of their home. The best results seem to be achieved when residents have fitted fine mesh magnetic 'snap' screens or rollers. This allows doors and windows to be opened with a reduced risk of flies entering homes. There are many different products available online and from high street retailers which should fit most doors and windows.

We are sorry that people in  Ditchling are suffering with the flies and hope the numbers reduce soon. We will continue to monitor the situation.


Lamp 1 High Street is not working, we have been advised that to repair this light the road will need to be closed, the licence to apply for the road closure is with ESCC Highways Dept. 

Some of the streetlights in the village are day burning and there is no control mechanism to switch them off. These lights do not have a post fitted next to them to control the supply. The Parish Council has been contracting for supply posts to be fitted to all lights over time. This is an expensive project at £2,500 per light, but once it is complete, in several years, all lights will be switched off during daylight hours. 

Ditchling War Memorial, Awarded Listed Building Status  

Historic England have been considering adding Ditchling War Memorial to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.  

They have taken into account all the representations made, and completed their assessment of the war memorial. Having considered the recommendation of Historic England, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has decided to add Ditchling War Memorial to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. The war memorial is now listed at Grade II*.  

Please follow the link below to download a copy of the report produced by Historic England.